Custom Compounding Your Prescription

Buderer Drug is a family owned pharmacy that has served clients in northwest Ohio (including Perrysburg, Toledo and Sandusky) for years. We specialize in meeting our patients’ needs through innovative compounding.

The most important priority at Buderer Drug is custom-compounding the prescription you need. That means tailoring your medicine to your needs. Which in turn means keeping in regular touch with both you and your doctor, to make sure those needs are being met. Compounding a prescription for you isn’t just a job for us; it’s a way to improve your life.

Here are the services we provide.

Pediatric Compounding. A prescription that your child doesn’t want to take is almost no good at all. Sour, bitter medicines can lead to intractable children, and more medicine spilled on the floor than in your child’s mouth. So if your child needs drugs made more palatable, we can do it. We cal also design alternate methods of administration, like transdermal gels or creams. We’ve got a broad spectrum of approaches.

Palliative Care. When someone has an illness that doesn’t respond to curative treatments, they often need specific medicines to help ease pain or other symptoms. But often, palliative care is hospice-based, which means patients can’t communicate with compounding pharmacists on their own, and must do so through doctors, nurses or other hospice workers. The pharmacists at Buderer have the experience to anticipate what many patients need, and the skill to find solutions to new problems.

Veterinary Compounding. The prescription for your dog’s medicine has to match his tastes; dogs aren’t like kids, and can’t be bargained with. A skilled compounding pharmacist can a veterinary prescription into a biscuit or meat paste that your pet will beg for.

Sports Medicine. When it comes to athletes’ needs, custom-compounding prescriptions is a delicate task, but it’s an issue the compounding pharmacists at Buderer address frequently. Working closely with coaches and physical trainers, we can make custom medicines that won’t interfere with an athlete’s performance.

Pain Management. Topical gels and transdermal creams aren’t just for pediatric compounding. A prescription for pain medication often works faster if it’s absorbed through the skin, so compounding these kinds of drugs has become like second nature to us.

Elder Care. Like palliative care patients, many of our elder care patients must convey their needs to us through a family intermediary. We have extensive experience in compounding any prescription your older family members may need, and we can help you address many problems, such as trouble swallowing or allergic reactions.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. These days, more women are attempting to alleviate the symptoms of menopause via courses of BHRT, which replaces lost hormones with all-natural substitutes. We’ll work with you and your OB-GYN to determine the best solution for you.