Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

This really is our most commonly asked question. We’ll make it simple. (Boo-der). A name of German descent and thus the last “er” is silent.
Compounding involves the mixing, preparation, and assembling of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in order to fulfill a doctor’s prescription for a specific patient’s unique healthcare needs. The resulting therapies are not commercially available and are made from scratch in each of our pharmacies. In general it takes about three days to compound, but we always call when your prescription is ready to pick up.
Yes, compounded prescriptions are covered by insurance and we accept all forms of private insurance. Currently Medicare and Medicaid do not cover compounds. In these cases, we work with patients and their providers to come up with cost-effective treatment options.
Compounded prescriptions are utilized for a variety of reasons, but are commonly requested for: removal of irritating excipients (non-active ingredients) such as preservatives or dyes, alternate dosage strengths, discontinued or unavailable medications, patients who are unresponsive and/or experiencing harsh reactions to traditional therapies. Whatever the reason may be, our highly skilled team of pharmacists will work with you and your healthcare provider to develop the most appropriate therapy for your needs.
Compounding pharmacies are regulated by state and federal guidelines. Compounding is governed at the state level through the boards of pharmacy, which control licensure and scope of practice of pharmacists and pharmacy in each respective state. The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and are federal guidelines that lay out stringent quality controls for the compounding process.
Nothing in medicine comes with a 100% guarantee. Fortunately though we live in a society with advanced processes to protect and promote the well-being of each citizen. At Buderer Drug Company our top priority is ensuring the quality of each prescription. In addition to the State Board of Pharmacy and USP, Buderer also relies on third-party testing to verify the sterility of our compounded medication and laboratory room. We are very pleased to announce that our Perrysburg Pharmacy recently received the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) stamp of approval. PCAB is comparable to The Joint Commission’s prestigious JCAHO accreditation, setting standards and conducting assessments of each facility, in this case compounding pharmacies. Buderer Drug Company is one of three PCAB accrediated pharmacies in Ohio and the first with a USP sterile facility.
Yes, any pharmacy that is overseen by a registered pharmacist and has a valid license in the state it is operating in, can compound medications. A long-standing tradition, pharmacy compounding is an integral part of the health care system as virtually every hospital and retail pharmacy across the country do compounding to a certain degree. Buderer Drug Company takes it to the next level by focusing exclusively on customized medication compounding.
We are open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. We can make sure you get your refill before the weekend, so long as you give us the three day turnaround that is needed to make your specific medication.
We currently have three pharmacies in northern Ohio for your convenience. Please Click Here for a map and directions to our pharmacies in Avon, Perrysburg, and Sandusky.

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