Personalized Hormone Replacement

Restoring the Balance in Your Life


Hormones serve as chemical messengers that regulate normal physiological functioning in the human body.

Hormones are responsible for:

  • Stimulation or inhibition of growth
  • Apoptosis (programmed cell death)
  • Regulation of metabolism
  • Regulation of mood

  • Activation of immune system
  • “Fight or flight” response
  • Aging cycle
  • Reproduction

Problems can occur when the body’s homeostatic mechanism does not function properly. The key to overcoming these issues is to balance the internal environment by restoring proper hormone levels.

Our pharmacy compounds bio-identical hormones, which are derived from natural sources and represent the same chemical structure as hormones the body makes. Under supervision of a physician, we can tailor a hormone regimen to meet personal needs.


Women and men can both experience symptoms of hormone deficiency (fatigue, weakness, reduced libido, increased weight, sleep problems, memory loss, etc.).

We offer consults with clinical pharmacists who specialize in conditions and treatment related to hormonal imbalances. The sessions will last for approximately 60 minutes and will include an assessment of health history, along with a blood or saliva test to check hormone levels. We’ll then suggest a personal hormone treatment plan to your physician.

Please join us for a hormone lecture, presented by chief pharmacist Matt Buderer, RPh. Click Here for schedule and location.